About Us


Crystal Reed
Artist, Crafts By Cris, LLC

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve crafting and creating with my mom. Over the years, we made everything from macramé and string art to jewelry and Christmas ornaments. Creativity/crafting continues to be something that I share with my own children. Our family enjoy spending time outdoors exploring nature. While at the coast, the lake or exploring the forests and wooded trails of Maine, we often pickup unique rocks, twigs, shells, etc. In 2017 I began creating pebble art. It was the perfect way to artistically incorporate these found treasures into meaningful, keepsake, pieces/art. I enjoy creating high quality, unique pieces and love when others enjoy the finished piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. Every piece is one of a kind and while similar in design, no two are the same. All of my pieces are created from pebbles/stones, driftwood/branches, sea glass and shells collected from approved beaches, trails and forests throughout Maine. While I am the primary artist and finish all pieces personally, it is definitely a family affair! Whether collecting the raw materials, helping to find just the right rock to finish off a piece, or providing ideas/inspiration for something completely original, our whole family may have a hand in your piece. This collaboration makes it a true “work of heart” from our family to yours that “speaks to the Maine soul”.